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Olleys Armies Links Page

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Links to the New Owners of Olleys Armies Ranges

Click to go to Armorcast Resin Battlefield Scenery, Models & Terrain Armorcast Resin Battlefield Scenery, The New Owners of Olleys Armies Dwarf World Miniatures and Dwarf Pirates
Click to go to cavalcade wargames Cavalcade Wargames, The New Owner of Olleys Armies Minotaurs, Goblin Wolfriders and Samurai Orcs
No Website Yet Lupus, The New Owner of Olleys Armies Shock Troop Scrunts, Scrunt Elite Troops, Scrunt Commando Troops, Shock Troop Machine Gun and Crew, Shock Troop Dog handler, Texan Scrunts, Bob Olleys' Nemesis Goblin sculpts
Click to go to killer b games Killer B Games, The New Owners of Olleys Armies Scrunt Clean Up Squad
No Website Yet Stuart Cunningham, The New Owners of Olleys Armies Scrobbits
Click to go to Rat Trap Productions Rat Trap productions, The New Owners of Olleys Armies Human SF Commandos, Ghouls and Ghoul Bolt thrower
Click to go to wargames supply dump Wargames Supply Dump, The New Owners of Olleys Armies Girls with Guns
Click to go to Golgo Island Golgo Island, The New Owners of Olleys Armies Aliens
Click to go to phantom miniatures website Phantom Miniatures, The New Owners of Olleys Armies Cave Troll,Mountain Troll and Human Ranger
Classic Miniatures website Michael Thomas, The New Owners of Olleys Armies Fantasy Dwarves,Titan Orcs,
Miniature Heroes Website, sells Mannequin Miniature ranges Adam Carnall,Mannequin Miniatures are the New Owners of Olleys Armies Gravestones and Hellsbile undeads, shroud, poltergeist, ghosts and Grim reaper. I could not find their website but the miniatures are available to buy from Miniature Heroes
Click to go to Reaper Miniatures website Reaper Miniatures, The New Owners of Olleys Armies Hellsbile Zombies
No Website Info Tom Anders of Impact Miniatures, The New Owner of Olleys Armies Puffy the Pompous Dragon
No Website Info John Cappiello, The New Owner of Olleys Armies Alice Meets caterpillar

Hobby News and Chat Forums

Click to go to The Miniatures PageThe Miniatures Page A great site covering all aspects of the gaming world with daily news stories
Total Model The definitive on-line news resource for military models, wargame miniatures, tabletop games, RPGs, model railways, toy soldiers and more
Frothers Unite Home of the Infamous Froth Forums
miniature wargaming Free wargame rules, Terrain and painting advice, forums and more
Click to go to www.tiny-soldiers.comTiny SoldiersA New Gaming News Site, with forums, miniature reviews, how to articles and much more. At the moment it is only in German but hopefully will eventually be translated to English
SPC Website The Star Painting Contest (SPC) is a free online painting contest judged by golden demon winners and historical/open contests winners in many countries! The goal of this contest is to offer an open contest for painters all over the world, without brand or scale limitation. It's also a good challenge for pro painters. Indeed each contest offers a new difficulty but also a new opportunity to improve, it takes place every 3 months
Fictional Reality Online Magazine Fictional Reality is published quarterly and is packed with information and articles on role-playing and miniature warfare games. In each issue, you'll find articles on scenarios, painting guides, miniature reviews, game reviews, d20 product reviews, cartoons, contests, fiction, battle reports, and more. Check back around the first week of each release month (March, June, September, and December) to see if the new issue is available for download. It's in PDF format and always free.
Two Hour Wargames Makers of entertaining games playable in 2 hours or less. The scale of our games run from man to man combat to army sized big battles. The time periods we cover range from the distant past to the far future and everything in between. And best of all, you can use any figures to play our games. That's right, any figures from any manufacturer!
A Research Site made by Tony Mansfield
An excellent site with many pictures covering all the minis I've made throughout my sculpting career
dakkadakka.com - miniature gaming with an attitude Dakka is new and cool and special and everyone should come check out our site, join up and see what we're all about.
A Research Site made by Kev (Boki Gromdal)
If you are mad about dwarves then this is the site for you
10mm Wargaming10mm Wargaming
Welcome to my world of 10mm Wargaming I am intending to use these pages to document my ongoing war gaming projects

Miniature Painting Sites & Services

Miniature painted by William SeathWilliam Seath has been painting miniatures for many years. Please email him to find out more about his painting service.
painted legionsPainted Legions, wargame miniatures painters, modelling guides, conversion tips, product reviews, painting guides
James McLardy's Painting ServicesOdinsons Anvil James McLardy is Olleys Armies professional painter, you'll see many examples of his work throughout our site and on the gallery pages. He offers an excellent painting service, where you choose the level you want your miniatures painted to and all levels are at very reasonable rates.
blackmoorAngela Imrie a professional painter, with a wonderful gallery and helpful painting tips
Cyans Webb Page
Cyanos personal webpage showing his Painted Miniatures
The Miniature GalleryDirk Stillers'amazing painting website, dedicated to the hobby and art of painting gaming miniatures.
Witchhunter.Net, The strange miniatures
Alex Bews website Witchhunter.net, A magazine for figure collectors, tin freaks, witches, witch hunters and other weird and curious guises

Other Manufacturers of Gaming Products

Battlefield Models.Battlefield Models - Discounted prices on historical 28mm and 18mm miniatures.
Griffin Moulds, High Quality Moulding and Casting ServiceOlleys Armies recommends Griffin Moulds, a High Quality Moulding and Casting Service
Click to go to Armorcast Resin Battlefield Scenery, Models & Terrain Armorcast Resin Battlefield Scenery, Models & Terrain
Click to go to Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture, Cast Your Own Blocks - Build Your Own Castles
Click to go to Ainsty Castings Ainsty Castings, Resin Scenics and Accessories for Gamers
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