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Discontinued and Sold Off Ranges

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1st Kickstarter: Steampunk & Victorian Scrunts-> 2nd Kickstarter: Dwarven Prussian Army Scrunts>
kickstarter victorian scrunts aka dwarves Kickstarter Steampunk scrunts Kickstarter Scrunts, Palace Guard, Riot Squad, Scrunties, Axe Head Helmet Scrunts, Zeplin scrunts
funded by kickstarterVictorian Scrunts funded by kickstarterSteampunk Scrunts funded by kickstarterKickstarter Scrunts
scrunts aka sf dwarves scrunt tactical assault troops scrunt juves 25mm scale
Scrunts AKA SF Dwarves
Scrunt Tactical assault Troops
Scrunt Gnome Guard
Scrunt Steampunk Vehicles weapons scrunt sf dwarfs
funded by kickstarterSteampunk Vehicles Weapons & Accessories
Scrunt Crew
Iron Guard Scrunts mutant hunter with hunting dog last chance to buy
Scrunt Iron Guard Scrunt Dog Cart and Dog Handlers saleDiscontinued/Sold Off Ranges
scratchbuild models battlefield scenery Painted Miniatures
Scratchbuilds Battlefield scenery Painted Vehicles and Miniatures
Bob's Attic & Painted Miniatures my ebay auction listings bob's specials
Bob's Attic Ebay Auctions saleBob's Specials
original art and concept art by bob olley james olley concept art freelance sculpting service
Original Art Concept Art Service Sculpting Service
Figures on this page are not to scale. All figures are supplied unpainted unless otherwise stated, cast in white metal and some may require minimal assembly.
ATTENTION! Small & Sharp Parts Choking Hazard
WARNING! These miniatures may contain some lead which is harmful if chewed or swallowed
Our Miniatures are intended for collectors of 14 years or above, they are not toys.

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