From sept 1985 to the end of 1985 I worked for: Metal Magic, Essex Miniatures and Heroes. All were fantasy figure lines.
From Jan 1986 to March 1987 I worked exculsively for Essex Miniatures and sculpted about 183 figures covering just about all the main fantasy subjects.
From April 1987 to Feb 1990 I worked exclusively for Games Workshop. All the Iron Claw Range was my work which included dwarves, skeletons, a large set of goblins, squats. When Iron Claw was ended I went on to make figures for 40K, madboyz, weirdboyz, ogryns with ripper guns and more squats, also chaos beastmen.
Between March 1990 to 1997 I started to work freelance again, mainly for Ral Partha/TSR Huge collection of work for them before they changed hands but the main stuff was large sets of ogres, trolls, orcs, orc dino riders and a large set of chaos. Made larger collectors pieces. Infact I made loads for them--batletech mech master,dwarves,conquistadors and riders,ghast,ghoul,troglodyte,harpy, goblins,yuan-ti, beholder-kin,litch, wight,Grav Bike, knights templars, hook horror, giant skeleton, mountain giant,charon in boat, space dwarves, trolls, ogres, 8 piece missile launcher, skeleton rock group, were boar, were badger, hammer golom, spell weaver, shadowrun figures dog shamen wolf,dog,racoon totem.The list goes on!
Also during this time up to 1997 I worked for a number of other companies;
Fantasy Forge 1991- Some of the figures I made included Nexus Marines, Talos Units and Helions
Renegade- Space Marines,
Hobby Products-Dawrves, Dwarf cannon,morta and crew,a range of dark dwarves, norse/viking dwarves.centaurs,beastmen (boars & Goats)
Simtac-Battlelords, vampire demons, alien bolters, Shatrats, teds with shotguns,arachnid, mutzachas,pyton lizard, zen healer, orion rogue,
chatilian empath,Cybermen Grendel Productions-EBS marines
From Jul 1998 work for the above companies either ended or slowed and I started to work mainly for the following
AEG finished sometime in 2000 made stuff for Clan Wars double goblins goblin riders magic mud goblins undead samauri etc
Reaper Miniatures to present day Too many figures to list, Still being sold in catalogue mainly for Dark Haven Lines
Steve Jackson 6 Frag Miniatures (2002)
Kenzer & Co Fairy Meat etc (2002-2003)
Excelsior Entertainment centinel bug and rider (2001)
2003 EM4 small set of marine type figures